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Hello! I am Butterfly Bean and I love to live with wild abandon!! My life is filled with family and good friends and sharing creativity is a passion of mine. I have been told that I am free-spirited and adventurous. I love to dance, laugh, travel and sleep under the stars. My clothes are colorful and so is my artwork. Color makes me happy and I never can pick a favorite. I have always loved to doodle and mix patterns.

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Education and eventually got my Master’s degree in Public Policy Management.  Working in the disability community for many years makes me go home everyday grateful for my life. Family is important to me.

Creating is my therapy, my relaxation, my peace. I love sharing it with others and can’t wait to share it with you.

Come in…make yourself at home. Inspire me to create something just for you. I love a challenge! Together we can create a one of a kind piece that fits your mood, personality or living space. Or you can just pick one of the many things that I have made to share with others!


     THANK YOU to all my customers for your support of my        small studio business. I am extremely grateful for each and      every sale. Always feel free to reach out for a special            request or project. I love new ideas!
                I will be listing my 2024 shows soon...stay tuned!!!
       If you have any issues making a purchase, please contact me         at
       and I will contact you immediately for assistance.
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